Sylhet is located  on the banks of the Surma River and is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi and Tripura hills. It is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh. The local institution is running from the period of British government. Sylhet consists of 27 wards and 210 mahallas, and has a total area of 26.50 km²

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Sylhet City Corporation At A Glance
Established in 2002
The Current Mayor Ariful Haque Choudhury
Area 26,50 Square Kilometers
Population 500,000
The number of voters 1,80,875
Wards 27 (Reserved Ward – 09)
Wards( Mahlla) 278
Commissioners 36
Road 219,98 KM
Drain 329,30 KM
Water pump 16
ater purifiers 1
Deep Tube well 20
Pipeline 160 KM
Connection 6234
Box Culvert 40
Pool 4
Holding 29381
Universities 3
Medical College 4
Cadet College 1
University College 2
Government Madrasha 1
Colleges 10
High Schools 17
Primary Schools 38
Law College 1
Mouth & Deaf School 1
Literacy Rate 73%
Daily Newspapers 7
Hospital 6
Veterinary Hospital 2
Police Hospital 1
Clinic 1
Electricity Supply Board 1
Head Post office 1
Co-operative organization 85
Jail 2
TV relay statio 1
Market (Large-Small) 12
Bank 26
Bus Station 2
Community Centre 30
Restaurant 98
Truck(Reservation) 5
Labour 59
Washer 56
Daily Waste 80 TON
Removable Daily Waste 50 TON
Imam Training Centre 1
Primary Training Institute 1
Teacher Training Centre 1
Nurse Training Centre 1
Polytechnic Institute 1
Vocational Institute 1
Commercial Institute 1
Children Academy 1
Upazila Health Complex 1
Archeological Academy 1
The aim of build a healthy city:
To increase the
Elemental plan, structure& development of environment.
Primary nursing of health.
System of washing, sanitation, maintenance of water & waste management.
Poverty alleviation and development of colony
Management of vehicle communication.
Sports, culture and motel.
Social development.
Management of information and broadcast.
Management & repairing of municipal.
Included Schools in the healthy city :
The Aided High School , Tatipara.
Raza G.C High School, Bandarbazar.
Quazi Zalauddin High School, Kumarpara.
Sylhet M .A .G Osmani Medical College hospital. Kazolshah
Martyr Shahabuddin Ahmed Hospital Chowhatta
TB Hospital East Shahi Edgah
Contadgias Hospital Shahi Edgah
Leprosy Hospital West Sheikghat
Sylhet Red Crescent Mother care Hospita Chawhatta
Govt Tibbia College Chalibanddar
Ragib Rabeya Medical College Hospital Korerpara
North-east Medical Hospital Telihawar
United Poly Clinic Zindabazar
City Poly Clinic North Dargahgate
Mother care clinic North Dargahgate
Sylhet Metropolitan Hospital Rikwabibaza
Arogga Poly Clinic Munshipara
Ayesha Medicare Lamabaza
Nursing Home Dhupadhigirpar
Purbasha Poly Clinic Uposhahar Road
Sylhet Child clinic & General Hospital Shahajalal Upoashahar
Mamoni Hospital Kumarpara
Jalalabad Hospital East Mirabazaar
Sheba Poly Clinic Dargahgate
Niramoy Poly Clinic Nabab Road
Diabetic Hospital Puranlen
Nurzahan Poly clinic Dargahgate
Gazi Burhanuddin Hospital Amberkhana Barabazar
Royal Hospital & research Centre Quazi Elias
Modan Hospital Dargahgate
The Crescent Hospital Mirabazar
Mohanagar Hospital Amberkhana Barabazar
Uposham Poly Clinic Mirboxtula
Popular Hospital Mirboxtula
Central Poly Clinic Chawhatta
South Surma Poly Clinic Daskinsurma
Life care Dargahgate
Safeway Hospital Pvt L Mirzajangal Sylhet
The clinics are working about health and planning:
Bangladesh family planning committee Shagordhigirpar
Sylhet social welfare organization and family health clinic Masumdhigirpar
Marry topes Clinic Darshan Dewr
Mother and Childcare Centre Pathanthula
Name of the E.P.I Vaccination centre of the Sylhet Area:
Parmanent vaccination Centres:  
Health Centre of Syllhet City Corpuration Bandar Bazar
Pleasing Woman dental Hospital Dhupadhigirpar
Lions Shefa Hospita Manikpir
Redcrisent Mother care hospital Chawhatta
Martyr Shamsuddin Ahmed Hospital Chawhatta
Ramkrishnayan dental Hospital Naiyarpul
Model Clinic M.A.G Osmani medical Hospital combined Kazalshah
Meristopes Clinic Darshandewri
Sylhet social welfare organization Masumdhigirpar Masudigir Par
Bangladesh family planning committee Shagardhigirpar
Sarapar Satellite Clinic Quazitula
Chawkhidekhi Satellite Clinic Chawkhidekhi
Temporary vaccinatiom centre
Cottage of Mr.Wahidur Raza Chawdhury Kazalshah
House of Islam Mia Munshipara
Shahajalal welfare centre Khetripara
Kolkakoli Club Laldhigirpar
Home of Mr. Roise Ali Bilpar
House of commissioner Mr. Abdul Qaiyum Jalali Ponki Vatali
Engulal Club Kuar par
House of Mr. Babul Mia Khulia Para
And development council centre Quzirbazar
Colony of Mr maszid Mia Sararpa
House of former chairman Mr. A.F.M Kamal Charadhigirpar
House of commissioner Mr. Abdul Motin Chandantilla
House of former commissioner Abdul Motin Mohle Abdulla
Quazitula Welfare society Quazitula
Everegreen 33 the house of Mr. Rahmatullah Jerjeripara
House of commissioner Mr. Maksud Mirabazar Nawapara
House of Putul Mia Shahi Edgah
House of former commissioner Mr. Monsuf Mia Sunarpara